Festival Performa & Platforma 2019 - Oral[no]

Ivan Mijačević


audio/video installation, premiere | Slovenia

Saturday and Sunday, 21. and 22. 9.2019, 6.00-8.00 pm, every 15 minutes
Blackbox GT22

I heard of a short film in which the host made a meal for a family of four. The purchase price of ingredients did not surpass the sum that an average British family of four on the brink of poverty can afford to spend on a meal. I like to watch cooking shows. I cook for a few people more than in that show. At home, not by the sea as the chef on the screen. I dim the screen, I listen. I silence the sound and observe the colours and shapes of foodstuff that I know (not). But I do not smell nor taste them. Even if in some moments it seems as if I would. To get as close as possible to the insanity of 24-hours-long cooking travelogues, I obsessively record my kitchen adventures. I might notice the footbridge that leads across the precipice between the cracks in the image. Perhaps something might appear that is languishing at the bottom of the abyss that is gaping between the consumer’s armchair and the window into the world.

Duration: 15 minutes

Created by: Ivan Mijačević
Advisor: Jasmina Založnik
Production: MKC Maribor, Zavod MOJa KreacijA, 2019
Co-produced by: GT22, Fundacija sonDA

Ivan Mijačević, composer, choreographer, dancer and educator, assistant preschool teacher and master of dance dissemination in a contemporary context, thoroughly investigates the relations between music and dance, and internationally teaches these at dance, theatre and music academies, school and studios. He collaborates in the artistic collectives inability crew, sz3 and danceCO, and composes music and choreographs the stage movement in theatres

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