Festival Performa & Platforma 2019 - Oral[no]


TV show – moderated discussion

Duration: 60 min

Moderated By: Zoran Medved, PhD
Guests: Iztok Ilc, Valentina Smej Novak and Danilo Ivanuša – Knedl
Produced by: Youth Culture Centre Maribor, Plesna izba Maribor, Institute MojA KreaciJA in collaboration with Television Maribor

When we deal with food today, we are often more interested in its looks than its taste. The aesthetics of food offer on social media revives and teases all our senses with the beauties of gastronomy and bodies. Cook books are still among the bestsellers while food blogs are incredibly popular, receiving countless views and likes. Food creation is trendy today, recipes feature always new combinations, ways and innovative approaches to preparation of food while giving a lot of attention to the catchy presentation of goodies for the wider public. The spectrum of tastes can be expressed through colours, perceived through the visual sense. Heightened awareness of consumers caused an expansion in the offer of biological products, which are mostly promoted as vegetarian, vegan, ayurvedic, etc. Now this is not only a la carte offer but the first choice for numerous heathy lifestyle enthusiasts. If you want to talk about gastronomy or at least experience real culinary pleasures, you should follow this trend.

Good chefs are today almost more famous than supermodels.

The first cooking show was presented by the BBC over half a century ago, in 1946, and even in that time they tried to feature certain specialties, new and exciting approaches and contemporary gastronomy is still looking for new challenges even today.

Did the oral pleasures put the art itself in a shadow? Is it possible to speak of new gastronomic art? What are the reasons for the popularity and spread of gastronomic media presentations? What these new trends dictate?

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